The winner of the members’ raffle board at last night’s OBMC presentation was Darrell Young (blue C82). The lucky door prize was won by Gavin Edwards (grey G39).

Club championship results: Ladies: 1st Angi Smith, 2nd Deb Stening, 3rd Liz Ambler. Mens: 1st Craig Coulton, 2nd Mitch Conwell, 3rd Mark Williams. Clubman of the year was John Sharpe, most improved Darrell Young and our beloved photographer Tony Gilbert won the ‘Ultimate Dipstick’ for his effort in going down the beach early and wondering why nobody was there….but only a week early, as daylight saving didn’t commence until the following week.


Age category results:

Under 14’s – 1st Josh Stewart

Under 18’s – 1st Olivia Edwards

Over 18’s – 1st Mitch Conwell, 2nd Artie Kopylov, 3rd Matt Sing

Over 35’s – 1st Darrell Young, 2nd Luke Dalton, 3rd Angi Smith         

Over 45’s – 1st Garth Willison, 2nd Dave Hiscock, 3rd Gavin Edwards

Over 50’s – 1st Alan Copelin, 2nd Mark Rylands  

Over 55’s – 1st Craig Coulton, 2nd Mark Williams, 3rd Garry Halliday

Over 60’s – 1st Daryl Anderson