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Preso’s Report

You may have noticed the change in the newsletter title page which features the updated OBMC logo which now includes the year the club was established. After a discussion with Corey Barnes (Big Boys Boards) at last year’s presentation night, we established that it was 1989, not 1991 as previously thought when the OBMC first commenced competition independent of Umina Boardriders. Corey was also the OBMC’s original major sponsor with “Hyperactive” when the club was first established.

Terry Wilson has kindly offered to take on the vacant role of ‘head judge’ in season 2018. Terry will complete the Surfing NSW level one judging course later this year before commencing his new role next season. Hopefully under Terry’s guidance we will get more consistency with the judging.

Season 2017 is fast drawing to a close with only four more contests remaining in which to accumulate points. Remember that Sunday, Novemer 26 is both the Long John Memorial Old Mal Day and will be followed by the 2017 presentation night that evening in the Alfresco Brasserie inside the Ettalong Bowling Club.


Hands’ June contest report

With terrible conditions plaguing comp days this year, Craig and myself decided that extreme measures were needed to turn the tables. After long discussions,  it was decided that only a human sacrifice to the surf Gods was required. No less than a virgin would suffice for this challenge. Unfortunately Craig searched Umina for two weeks but failed to find one. It must have been the thought that counted because comp day came around and we awoke to the best winter’s day on record with warm offshore winds and a good swell running. Craig used his eye on the sky and picked the only rip that worked through from the high tide to low.

First heat in the water and Craig Coulton dished out a surfing lesson, getting two stand up barrels and not even getting his hair wet, scoring two nine point rides. During the heat a member of the public walked up to the tent to ask if that was Jerry Lopez in the line up.

Heat two found the clash of the last comp finalists, Gavin up against Mitch with the crowd on their feet shouting “Gav, Gav, Gav” as he entered the water. Unfortunately he couldn’t repeat last comp’s performance with Mitch proving too good taking out the heat.

Heat three had Craig Palmer in a crafty disguise. He came dressed as the famous Mexican surfer Pedro Gomez Palmer. The other surfers didn’t fall for his tricks though with all of them beating him. Craig was very disappointed in the result. To add to his misfortunes, even the moustache he picked out turned out to be the wrong colour. Garth produced another strong performance, taking a liking to the rights on offer to win the heat.

Heat four was a one horse race with Bryce winning the heat with some of the best nose rides of the first round. Bryce, throwing down the gauntlet to the rest of the crew.

Round two opened up with the 1st’s going in on the dropping tide with some of the bigger sets now closing out. Mitch got very busy early in the heat with some high scores on the smaller lefts, with the rights just starting up on cue, opening the door for Bryce who took full advantage, bringing home the heat with some great rides and just beating Mitch. Craig C also got some good scoring rides but couldn’t catch the ‘Big Guns’. Garth also caught some nice rights but just couldn’t catch Craig.

Jack (Mark Williams) opened up with some nice lefts and looked to have won the battle of the 2nd’s until the surf gods dished up two little rippers for me with only minutes left in the heat. Bad luck for Jack and good luck for me! Mark Rylands held off Olivia’s challenge to take third, Olivia fourth.

In the 3rd’s Darrell played a waiting game, picking off better waves than the other contestants in the heat. It paid off with a win over last comp ‘Champ Gavin’. Josh Stewart in third, John Rodney fourth.

The 4th’s found Tony Irwin surprising everyone with a great ride getting some high scores from all the judges, putting the pressure on the other surfers. It proved to be a heat winner with the others struggling as all the bigger waves began closing out. Terry second, Ozzie third and Regan fourth.

In the 5th’s Ron ‘Stocko’ was king, putting the icing on the cake with his last wave. Al Copelin had the ‘Mexican’ covered for second spot, Artie fourth, Rob in fifth, Liz sixth and Trevor a dissapointing seventh.

We all had a great day with some fantastic rides. Still wondering what happened to winter??

See ya all next comp!



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OBMC contest – 8am, Sunday, 30th July 2017


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Classic Malibu – Performer model
9’1”. 223/8”. 23/4” – N.17”& T.14”
Thruster / Quad fin set up / F.C.S.one plugs .
Shaped by Peter White .
No dings / No repairs / just a few small depressions on the bottom .
Al MERIC thruster fin set included .
$650.00 – Phone Wayne Medcalf on 0435 915 320
For Sale Classic_Malibu_Performer


Ken McDonald 9’6″ x 22 1/2″ x 3 1/2″.
Contact Bruce Doyle on 0407 891 996


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Peninsula Car Repairs 26-28 Alma Ave, Woy Woy. 4344 6844 or 4344 4422.

All mechanical repairs. New tyre fitting and balancing now available.
Specialists in LPG installation & service.


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